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YTC - Total GPS Solutions for Your Business...
Welcome to Yield Technology Co., Ltd (YTC), a renowned Taiwanese developer and manufacturer of advanced wireless data communication and automobile computer peripheral products with outstanding R&D and design capabilities.

Founded in 1994 by a group of experienced electronics engineers, the company set out to capture and realize OEM/ODM business opportunities in semiconductor and radio frequency transmission. Responding to the growing market demand for GPS products and car audio/video equipment at the end of the 90's, YTC extended its R&D and production capacities to add highly innovative GPS hardware and applications as well as a broad variety of automotive multimedia products to its product portfolio.

Providing leading edge technologies, profound expertise and highest quality standards, YTC can proudly look back on numerous ODM projects for some of the world's leading suppliers for mobile entertainment and car peripheral products. Our products have exceptional performance and functionality and are targeting at enterprises as well as individual users. Headquartered in Chungli, Taoyuan Hsien, YTC is one of Taiwan's fastest growing companies in the GPS field. Our company enjoys the advantage of being near the Chungli Science Park and leverages technology partnerships and marketing channels for global businesses. Today YTC is regarded as having world-class expertise in the field of GPS Tracking Service Center solutions, Digital Picture Monitoring and Automotive entertainment products.

YTC's company mission is to provide all its customers and OEM/ODM clients with outstanding product design, leading-edge technologies and extensive after-sale service, thereby setting highest quality standards to each and every product. Our main objective is to make the world smaller by finding more effective and efficient solutions to create monitoring systems that make transport, communication and information exchange safe and secure at reasonable prices.

Being a technology oriented and quality-conscious company, YTC differentiates itself in several ways:

- providing innovative GPS and RF/Microwave technologies

- using effective, high quality electronic components and modules for wireless products

- providing simple to install and easy to use applications

- maintaining highest quality standards for production and management under ISO 9001

We are ready to meet your demands !

Below a list of patents received in the field of Wireless Technologies and GPS:

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