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Personal Tracker PT2

Personal Tracker PT-2 Mobile GPS and Communication Device

Whether you want to keep in touch with your loved ones, protect your children, monitor your employees or simply require GPS location on the road,

The PT2 has all you need,


  • Quick Company: The compact and lightweight device is specially designed for children and can be learned and used instantly. The PT2 has two quick-dial buttons to call predefined contact numbers, and a third button for emergency calls.
  • Peace of Mind: You can locate and track your loved ones, staff or employees at all times, anywhere in the world through SMS text messaging, Internet Website and GPRS enabled cell phone.
  • Just in Case: Every PT2 is equipped with a special emergency call button. Pressing it will trigger a short message alarm to all designated contact numbers, including the location details and street name. In addition, the device will start dialing the numbers of up to three contact persons one by one until one of them picks up the call.
  • Always on Duty: The PT2 will automatically memorize the last available satellite position. Upon entering a building or loss of GPS signal you still will be able to know the right location.
  • Monitoring Features: You can load up to 5 restricted Geo-Fence areas to the device. Whenever its holder enters, exits or crosses such predefined areas, you will receive notifications by SMS, along with street names and location details. Additionally, you can setup maximum speed limits to receive notifications in case of over speed.
Parts & Accessories
1. 3.6V Rechargeable Battery
2. Carry bag with belt clip and carrying strap






If you want to learn more about the PT2 Personal Tracker, feel free to download the operation manual and installation instructions from the link below or from the Downloads section.

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