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Tracking System Server TSSR 3.6

Your Powerful tool to run and provide Web services for location, monitoring and tracking of GPS devices

The TSSR 3.6 Control Base software for use with GPS location and tracking devices consists of an advanced, multifunctional geographic information system with extensive GSM and GPRS communication interface for short message gateways and data exchange, Internet web services and integration tools for third-parties server architecture. It allows you to manage and remote operate all types of GPS tracking devices operating under the SuperGuard logo, as operator from the Control Base or user over the Internet and mobile browsers.

It is designed for professional use in Service and Call Center facilities with existing Broadband Internet connection and static IP address, GSM terminal, Web Server and database systems. Utilizing ArcIMS server connection, service capacity per CPU can range from 1 ~ 220 user logins at the same time. Additional CPUs can be appended according to requirements.

The TSSR 3.6 Control Base software and incorporated Websites will enable you to:

  • Choose and view detailed vector maps in street level, points of interest, additional information at operator base or online over Internet and mobile browsers,
  • Zoom, pan and print map extents,
  • Do multiple search for geographic areas, roads, points of interest and other map items,
  • Define and find specific map items near to a location,
  • Calculate and display the shortest or fastest route between two points,
  • Send SMS commands and text messages,
  • Locate, monitor and control tracking objects in real time,
  • Manage single and group user databases
  • Manage tracking history for GPS devices,
  • Setup up to four individual Geo-fences for each tracking object,
  • Setup parameters and initialize new GPS devices wireless,
  • Remote operate vehicle security systems,
  • Run diagnostic program and device upgrades wireless over GPRS.


TSSR Block Diagram

If you want to learn more about the Tracking System Server TSSR 3.6, feel free to download the operation manual and installation instructions from the link below or from the Downloads section.

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