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Tracking System Server TSSR full version 3.6

Our Complete Solution for Your Service Center Business !

  • Complete Tracking System Server with super-fast mapping engine and unlimited multiple user access and software updates
  • Digital Map and GIS conversion
  • Maintenance Program with constant upgrades for integration tools, map database updates, remote access trouble shooting and compliance tests
  • System integration of Tracking System Server to existing server architecture, database and server outsourcing
  • Customization, Translation and Modification of software components, Website graphic user interface, logos etc.
  • Firmware modifications for integration of YTC hardware to existing system protocols

Have access to maps and user databases from the Operator side:

Allow User Access through Internet Website or cell phone with Mobile Browsers:

Learn more and visit our Demo Website here:


Account Name: Superguard

Password: Superguard

* Please Note: You will not be able to setup GPS devices or send commands from the TAIWAN DEMO SERVER site.


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