Your Tracking Website for GPS Devices

Welcome to Your Tracking Website !

From here you will be able to use the full range of online map features, receive positions from your GPS devices, control device settings and configurations and manage your user account. If you like to learn more details about features and functions of your Tracking Website, feel free to download the SuperGuard Webguide here or from the Download section.

If you have no own account or GPS device but want to view all features of the Tracking Website, you can login to our Demo Website: Account Name: Superguard; Password: Superguard (NOTE: SMS commands and editor will be disabled in the Demo Website)

Account Name :
Password :
Select Your GPS Device:

Please note that your service center might have setup a time out function to the Tracking Web service, causing the Web site to expire after a period of inactivity. Please return to the Login page to re-login to your service if an expiration message appears.



New User Login:

You have purchased a SuperGuard GPS device and want to setup your user account now? Please read the instructions below before you proceed:

Please remind that you will have to proof ownership of SIM card and GSM number to setup a new device and user account online. To do this, insert the SIM card you want to use with the GPS device into an operational GSM phone. During the setup of the user account, you will receive login details and password per SMS on this number.

To register the new account with the Control Base or service center, fill in any AccountName you wish to use with your Web Services and the GSM number of the SIM card for the device.

Click Get Passport to receive an SMS text message from the Control Base or service center, including confirmation of Account name and a password to login to Tracking Websites.

After receiving your login password, you will be redirected to this Login Page where you can access your Tracking Website through Account name and Password.

It is recommended that you setup your individual login password from the User Data settings of the Tracking Website. You are able to change login passwords at any time later.




Lost Login Password?

You have already setup a user account but forgot your login password? Please read the instructions below before you proceed:

If you have registered an e-mail account to receive lost password information, check Email. If you like to receive your password per SMS, insert the SIM card used for the GPS device into and operational GSM phone and check SMS text message .

In the next fields, enter either Account Name or Device SIMnumber required to retrieve your password and click OK to receive account and password information.

Return to this Login page, choose your GPS device type and click Enter Trackweb to access your Tracking Website main page.





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